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Heather grooming dog

Pet bathing and grooming services are another great feature we happily provide for our clients.

For many pets, a thorough bath by our office staff is all they need. Assistants at North Elm can clip your pet’s toenails and express the anal glands if necessary. However, if your pet is heavily matted or needs trimming, we recommend the fantastic services of North Elm’s groomer, Heather Richardson.

Meet our groomer, Heather Richardson. She comes to us with 18 years of experience and offers a wide range of pet grooming services. She is an expert with experience grooming both dogs and cats–giving pets anything from a slight trim to a complete make-over!

Our groomer works gently and lovingly and is always happy to consult with pet owners prior to a grooming session.

Call our office at (336) 545-3400 to make an appointment.

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