Behavior Counseling

At North Elm Animal Hospital, we believe that a well-behaved pet is essential to a healthy and lasting bond between pet and owner.

Pet Behavior Counseling

We strongly encourage all pet owners to start their pets on a course of basic training and behavior controls.
From the very first time you bring your pet to our office, our staff will counsel and work with both of you to make sure your relationship is off to the right start. In fact, we suggest that you stop by with your dog for a quick weight check and a biscuit if your dogs tends to be nervous. We strive to make sure your pet behaves in the presence of other people and animals within your home, and we empower you to recognize changes in your pet’s conduct. We offer behavioral consultation at any point in your pet’s lifetime, and our training enables us to help you correct or deal with behaviors that may arise as your pet ages.

We can help assist you with problems such as housebreaking and litter box issues, spraying, chewing, barking, and aggression. You can read more about common behavior problems under our cat and dog service headings. We are here to help strengthen your bond with your pet.