Pet Care

At North Elm Animal Hospital, we love providing senior pets with the care and support they need to age gracefully and comfortably.

Senior Pet Care

We understand that the experience of caring for older pets can be a tremendously rewarding one that enhances and enriches the lives of dogs themselves, as well as their human caretakers.


It is important to remember that many physiological changes occur as your pets grow up. Some or all of these changes may not become noticeable until your pet is older. Our veterinarians are skilled at detecting subtle changes in a pet’s body that can easily go unnoticed by its owner. Early detection of these changes can help prevent the progression of the disease and minimize the suffering of a senior dog.

Schedule Regular Veterinarian Visits For Senior Pets

Because many of these conditions will develop gradually, it can be difficult for an owner to notice the changes occurring. During the senior wellness exam, our doctors and staff will ask you questions that specifically target medical issues common to senior pets. Working together with you, we will develop a great plan to ensure optimal health for your pet.

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